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Press Reviews

Cultured North East for ROMA
‘Beguiling and intensely personal… 
There is a dream-like quality to Anthony Lo-Giudice’s latest dance work, even though it has been rigorously choreographed…
It’s as riveting and unpredictable as it is intensely personal. That it is pregnant with a meaning that might not fully reveal itself doesn’t diminish its appeal as a spectacle.
such dream-like fare – served up by top-drawer performers – offers much to chew over.’

Crack Magazine for ROMA
‘Soul stirring gravitas…
Roma was a beautifully rich and powerfully emotive work. From music to the choreography, it was a joy to watch master craftsmen (and women) at their best’

Dance Art Journal for ROMA
‘The choreography is slick, gentle, and carefully crafted to build tricks of the eye. Images swell up and dissolve away; focused around the central bench that sits in front of the studio-style backdrop, family portraits are attempted, and failed, arrows of wheat and dried flowers pierce hearts, controlled by hidden dancers from behind.
The piece builds a transient and beautiful image of family relationships, showing how time and memory affects our construction of the past and the small interactions and moments that seem to stick in our minds, whether misremembered or not.’

NARC magazine

‘This is more than just dance. It's a multidisciplinary masterpiece.'

Audience responses


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