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'Heart achingly beautiful' - Curious Festival

About: L'uomo is a study on love and belonging between two men.

Caught between a place where delicate exchanges of affection and moments driven by the heart-felt become entangled with the discomforts of prejudice, L'uomo meditates on the tensions men can face when showing affection to one another.

Choreography: Anthony Lo-Giudice

Dramaturgy: Vivien Wood

Dancers: Anthony Lo-Giudice and Alex Rowland

Filming: Davide Mancini, Darren O'Kane, Giulia Coti Zelati

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Photography: Chris Davis, Alessandra Finelli and Scott Miller


Made with support from:

Arts Council England

Pride World Media

Northumberland Arts Development

Coventry Cathedral/Coventy Pride

Curious Festival

SIRF Festival

Dance City

Lawrence Batley Theatre

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Movimentale Festival Napoli

Greenwhich + Docklands International Festival
Without Walls Consortium

Previous performances:


Curious Festival

Interno5Start Napoli

Wakefield Theatre Royal | Camden People's Theatre


Lawrence Batley Theatre

Curious Festival | Northern Stage

Stockton International Riverside Festival

Coventry Cathedral | Coventry Pride

Middlesbrough Pride

Teatro Area Nord - Napoli

Gallerí Fold | Reykjavik Fringe Festival

Dansverkstæðið | Reykjavik Fringe Festival


Greenwich + Docklands International Festival


Journal Culture Awards | Durham Cathedral


Dance Days Chania | Crete

Gathenhielmska Huset Göteborg | Gothenburg

To gain access to this recorded performance, please contact us.


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