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About: ROMA is a dance theatre production that explores the notions of belonging, nationhood and cross-cultural identity, told through the semi-biographical account of Anthony's English mother and Sicilian father. ​


It examines our quest for someone to love and for a place to call home, entangled within the complexities of heritage, tradition, language and family.

Choreography: Anthony Lo-Giudice

Dramaturgy: Vivien Wood

Dancers: Rosie Macari, Molly Procter, Caroline Reece, James Southward

Music: Bradley Creswick MBE, Brendan Murphy

Photography: Chris Davis, Scott Miller

Producing: Nicky McKeen, Patricia Stead

Made with support from:

Arts Council England

Northumberland Arts Development

Alnwick Playhouse

Maltings Berwick

Dance City

York Minster

Queens Hall Arts

Middlesbrough Town Hall

Durham Cathedral

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Hadrians Wall 1900 Festival



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