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Comizi D'amore


'I'm in the preliminary stages of creating a new dance theatre production called Roma. Its a semi-biographical tale, with a skeleton structure that is based upon the story of my English Mum and Sicilian Dad. It is an ode to family, memory, the conflicts of tradition, breakups and my lifelong love and jostle between the two cultures I have grown up in.

As always, it's hard to articulate exactly what a work will be when it is still ephemeral. What I do know, is that my work in some way always manifests itself out of a myriad of underlying anxieties that stem from a combination of intimate fears, and the pains of insurmountable memories that I find hard to articulate into words. I’ve always held onto the notion that some things, are better best kept within the veil of silence. These words therefore, unable to be audible, have instead manifested themselves as a language of the body and a cacophony of choreography, music and song. I know ROMA is some attempt of creating a vessel in which I want to bury them. Hence, I’m finding this rather tricky...'

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